If you are looking for that genuine home-made taste of kaya of the olden days… Here you are! This is the place!

‘Sunny’ Kaya is made from a traditional “home-made” recipe using only farm fresh chicken eggs (not dehydrated), fresh coconuts (not powder) and cane sugar as the main ingredients. The kaya is double-boiled (like in preparing bird nest soup) for up to six hours by using modern machineries and technology!

Kaya or Coconut Jam is best served on toasted white bread with a thick layer of butter, or on top of coconut glutinous rice, or even inside a pastry puff. A perfect kaya, has to be silky smooth, not even the tiniest hint of roughness, and caramelised and brown in colour.

We can produce according to your taste that meets your taste buds and pack under your brand as well.